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Our story The Scots at War and Freedom the start of a new history trail The Bruce at Bannockburn had waited half his life for this, Edwards army caught and trapped and we broke the yok as our claymores struck like lightning bolts and our axes took off many a head. Edwards mighty army thought they where in hell. We my friends on that day gave no mercy given that the ground and rivers ran red and this is how we fought for every King.


A Scene From The Battle Of Bannokburn

Our story is vast, steeped in history from hunter gatherers to kings and knights, who would control the land and people as they wished.

The people farmed the land and paid tax to the crown and were duty bound to be called in to battle when the occasion came about, thus they kept their home and land and their freedom but at a price. Not until William Wallace and Robert the Bruce changed this forever, by beating the English and winning freedom and peace. For a while it was good while it lasted but again conflict struck, England and Scotland were at war again, always the same old story, England wanting Scotland as part of their country. As you can see now they never got Scotland and never will. Scots and English died in their thousands over the wishes of kings greedy for power. Scotland is free in modern times but remember our ancestors DIED for this to happen. The Lothians took a great part in the defence system as you will see from the Scottish History page.                                                                                   

Warriors brave do or die for Freedom

Out o the mist we came as the Kings call came, no armour did we wear as over the heather we ran, claymores, shields and axes at the ready we flew like the wind, the the clans muster together and stand as one for our chief, for the battle to come the mist is our friend and the dark our ally as each foe found to their pearl. Abide wae me the King would say and we did, as we travelled fast on foot and take our place in line, each clansman in place, Kings, Knights, Lords and Nobles all had armour as did their horses but we did not need that for warriors we be, we stood man to man the the call went out and do or die we did to keep our land free, and glory be and broke the yok o many a foe in the same old way and live to fight another day, await the call o destiny for one and all brothers in arms we be, less we forget.  

Weapons and Tactics

No fancy one as they would weigh you down so basic hit and run and stand and fight the foe, all had their favourite weapons and put them all to hell, if you took a head they lost their soul. From the time of The Picts this was our way all the armies came made o metal but heid these words it's the warrior that counts, no metal shall protect you from the Scots, The Clans where born for this it was a way o life to save the land and the folk and as I said before The Romans made the same mistake 3 thousand (the 9th Legion) all died and not a clue has been found The Picts used the same tactics as them to come and join them many years after and forged Scotland into one nation one people all Celts proud. Below are images of The Picts destroying the 9th Roman Legion. 

Below King Robert The Bruce is at rest in Dumfermline Abbey and flags are their for him, as he spent his life as King o Scots

The Clans Battle for their lives...

Favoured Weapons

Robert The Bruce - Hand Axe (as seen on the home page)

William Wallace - Broad Sword

The Clans - Claymores, Dirks, Shields, Pikes, Spikes Bows and Arrows

Always razor sharp, ready to defend our nation against all comers.

The Bruce on The Attack

The Bruce is first to attack and off with the Knights head to an uproar o cheers, this was before the battle had begun an English Lord seen the crown and to his mistake charged at The Bruce and with one swipe o his axe the Lords head was off. He was the son o the armies commander Sir Beumont and The Bruce with the Royal Rampant on him and his horse but only in light chain-mail so he could move quickly, the English wore full armour and when down they never got up so they where easy targets to finish off.  

Warriors on the attack, do or die again we see them attack their foe, hear the mighty war cries and into hell the foes go using the weapons, razor sharp as they had heard that call and into battle they did go man to man.

A warrior after the battle looks over a friends grave and prays to the Celtic gods as they won on the battlefield, ready for another day.

Alba Scotland Pictland where all forged by many wars and for all who died to make this happen we give Thanks and Glory Be and into history we go forget me not as I bled.